Gear Boxes

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ive just bought a b16a2 n found out today the gear box has a massive crack in it, so i now need a new 1 what boxes can i use on it ive heard i could use integra type r but havent got a clue on what i can and cant use please help me
I would call the company that sold that to you and demand they give you a new tranny. A crack could cause massive headachs in the future. Yes the ITR tranny will work with it. You can use any B-series hydraulic tranny.
the scrap yard said enigne was sold as seen, and its not just cracked its got a big hole in it, i can get a hold of an integra Type R box with LSD
people are telling me over here that a integra box wont fit a b16a2 is this true
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Feb 24 2003, 02:52 AM
it will fit

yup. all 94+ b-series trannys with the exception of the crv, are identical in physical shape/size/mounting/axel position/clutch, flywheel space/ and so forth
I've never thought of this...but does that mean he could use, say an LS case for his b16 tranny internals if need be. Outside of mainshaft, do the shiftforks match etc...
internals are differnt to some extent.

im not sure about the forks, but for example, the fdr means you can't or can use an lsd made for a different size fdr, and so on. so it really depends once you get inside