great shop in nampa idaho

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tonight the owner of revtech in nampa idaho came down to my house to help kovalski and i finish up his swap. they helped with the vtec wiring, trouble shooting the start up, hai tran and his friend spent almost 3 hours in the shop with us. hai rebuilt the dizzy on the spot for us...saved the day, we had been stumped prior to that. it cost kov $60 and i chipped in a light weight flywheel the hai wanted.

i just want the word to be out for anyone in the western idaho/eastern orengon area to know about them. you can usually find hai on the idaho motor sport if you are in the area and want some great wrenching skills i say hit the boys up at revtech.

here is one of the youtube vids of their h22 crx at firebird raceway.
YouTube - revtech's h22 crx
Hey I can't find anything on rev tech if someone could get me some contact info it'd be sweet also if anyone knows any good shops around fruitland for an h22 civic swap I'd appreciate the advice thanks
H22 swap

I have a H22Ek that I swaped myself, If you have a shop or a garage space I would be happy to come to you and help for a lot cheaper than high. Whats the H going into?