Greddy Emanage System

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WRX Sellout
It finally arrived Friday afternoon. I've been scratching my head alot looking at all the documentation that came with it. Has anyone ever used one for an n/a application? I've only heard good things about it, and the more input I get on it, the merrier.

Here's what GReddy's site says about it:

e-Manage (piggy-back fuel computer)
e-Manage is an inexpensive programmable fuel management system that allows you to properly tune your factory fuel system, without having to change the entire factory ECU system to an expensive "stand-alone" unit. The e-Manage system is a universal "piggy-back" type unit, which taps into most factory ECU wiring and it still utilizes the existing sensors. Basic functions will allow the user to slightly alter factory injector duty-cycle(± 20% at 5 preset RPM points), by intercepting and altering airflow or MAP sensor signals. For VTEC cars you can adjust the VTEC shift point.
Additional features that are built into the system, but are only accessible though the use of our PC-Windows based "e-Manage Support Tool" communication software (Please see our Authorized GReddy Support Dealers for more information) are a 16x16 Airflow Adjustmemt Map, Larger Main Injector correction adjustment, Upgrade Air Flow Meter adjustment, Boost Limiter Cut, Anti-engine Stall, VTEC-fuel adjustment, Real-time Map Trace, Real-time Display, Real-time Communication, and basic Data-logging.

With the use of our "Optional Injector Harness" and the software, the unit has the ability to control an additional 16x16 Injector duty cycle Map and the Controls for adding up to 2 Addional Sub-injectors. If the "Optional Ignition Harrness" and the software is used the unit has the ability to control a 16x16 Ignition Timing Map. All of the above Maps can also be Map-traced in Real-time as well. If the factory range of Map or Airflow meter is surpassed, you can incorperate our "Optional GReddy Pressure Sensor and Pressue Harness" to set larger scales of ajustment.

Gotta get the car running right first, and she's damn close. After that, it's on to the wiring nightmare. :)

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Thanks pills. We'll see how it stacks up to the almighty Hondata. :worthy: Also, there will be some more new and cool stuff for the Accord, since I did my taxes last night and found out I'm getting about $500 more than I thought. :D

Calesta - I plan on drinking lots of liquor after trying to wire the damn thing. I may wait till Eric (lsvtec) can get his ass up here to Colorado and help me out in exchange for some microbrewed Colorado beer. :D
sorry to say, but it won't.

the e-manage is NOT a standalone. its a high-tech vafc in all reality with a couple extra features.
Well, can you clue me in as to how it's different, then? From what I can see in the manuals it comes with, it's got loads of options and features, is boost-capable and has many of the features that a Hondata has. I guess the true test would be how it performs when I get it hooked up, and how easy it is to mess around with it.
don't get me wrong- its got plenty for what you would need IMO, but it is not a standalone. its a piggy back system
No, I understand, I wasn't trying to be confrontational. I'm genuinely curious at to how the two are different. I'm still kinda clueless when it comes to engine management. Advantages, disadvantages, etc. How would a Hondata be a standalone and an Emanage not?
The Hondata isn't a standalone either. It is a piggyback.

I don't think that I am going to be able to make it up for the Rebirth show so I will be headed up for my springbreak. So I will get there March 21st and leave some time the next week depending on funds. I think that we can get the eManage system up and running.
Sounds good to me. That's a little over a month away. That should give me ample time to get my refund checks and install a GReddy SS header, a timing gun to work out my timing issues, and get a couple of new tires. By then, the bitch should be running more or less like she should.
sounds like i might have some h series competition for the trip down to the show... maybe we can show them whats up on the track at the show B)
Not to sound condescending, but hondata is not a piggy back. A piggy back basicly sends altered signals to your existing computer, which prompts the computer to adjust itself accordingly. a vafc and emanage do this. hondata is often mistaken for a piggyback because people see the interface box coming from it, and they think that the interface box is where the processing takes place, like a vafc. in actuality the interface box is only the means of providing a physical link to a computer, so that you can use the tuning software. Example: this is how the info flows.

vafc : motor===sensors===( VAFC )===ecu

emanage: motor===sensors===(emanage {also interfaces with laptop} )===ecu

hondata: motor===sensors===ecu===interface box===laptop
E manage is good. the only MAJOR advantage to hondata is that is that it comes with preset fuel maps, and in addition to that, hondata provides sample copy fuel maps that you can download. for example, you have an h-22 with x brand intake and y type injectors etc. it is safe to assume that some one else has a very simmilar setup and you can be granted access to thier fuel maps. it might not be exact but it would be agreat palce to start from. this is very helpful when bob has a 99 si and has a greddy turbo kit. it is very likely that someone else has the same setup. so instead of starting from stock fuel maps bob can just borrow this guys maps and modify as need. since dyno tuning is almost as expensive per hour as open heart surgery this can be very helpful. but emanage is good too.
Also, Hondata doesn't let you run any additional injectors.
im not sure that anyone on here is producing that kind of power, but for instance- stephan papadakis is running 8 injectors on his h22a. i cant tell you exactly why, all i know is that his car is increadably fast, and he did it ::shrug2::
they make 1600cc injectors. i don't see why you would need anymore than that