Gsr B18c In A 93 Del Sol Si Drawbacks?

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I can get ahold of a GSR B18c that needs work for cheap. I want to do the work myself, so what additional things would i need IE: mounts, axles, ect?
As long as you can get the shiftlinkage from a Delsol vtec,or have one fabricated,you should be ok with the B series stock parts (mounts,axles etc...)Depending on the year of the GSR you should be good with OBD also.
i'm dropping a gsr in me 94 del sol si as well. its cake if you get all the right parts for it, as the car is already wired for vtec.

depending on which ecu you use- only things you may need to run is a wire for the IAB, and.or knock sensor.

if you run a chipped p28 (the ecu you have now) you wont get to use the IAB's of the gsr intake manifold and it will hol dyou back some. consider a skunk2 manifold. and the p28 doesn't care about the knowck sensor.

if you run the p75 gsr ecu, you will need to wire both.

if you run the p30 ecu, you will need to wire knock, and again, consider the skunk2 manifold, as it doesn't have iab control.

whatever you do- GET OBD1 STUFF. I cannot stress how much easier this makes things.
obd1 is 92-95 for the most part as far as civics go and 94-95 for the gsr parts you may need.

if the head is shot-
use the gsr bottom end, b16a3 head from the del sol vtec, or b16a sir2 from the jdm civic sir, and use the p30 or chipped p28 ecu. that way you don't have the IAB's to worry about. and the gsr IM is a different bolt pattern than the b16 is, so you can't just swap the manifold.

if you are rich, consider the ITR head, but then you have a little bit of obd2 stuff to worry about... even though its not obd2, its plugged that way