Gsr Engine For Crx

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is 3000$ a good price for a 1998 b18c1 w/trans, axils, ecu with 30000 miles on it
i bet you can find one cheaper if you went obd1, that's what i'd do.... i wouldn't buy a full swap anyways unless you are converting to hydro
actually if you can get it for 3G than do it, you can turn around and sell that GSR tranny for at least 800-1000bucks and then find a cable trans for about 3-500bucks and make a little profit. You could also sell the axles for at least 300 bucks or more and pick up some 90-91 integra 5speed axles from the parts store for some more profit. Use this profit to pickup a motor mount kit and your conversion harness.
Spend the money and use the HASport cable/hydro conversion. Why have a gs-r swap and not use its potiential? If you are willing to pay the cash for a motor to 90% sure you will go all motor with, get a tranny that will be better. If you do the cable/hydro conversion, you can get an itr tranny (best all motor tranny).