H22 98 Civic Si

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Junior Member
what is every thing that i need to do it, do i need a whole bunch of new things
your goin to need a bunch of stuff bro ur gonna need axles from integra, hasport mount kit, accord half shafts, accord shift linkage and shifter. i have h22a in my 94 civic hatch things a monster. and your gonna need the motor tranny ecu, i suggest new clutch and flywheel and timing belt
don't forget about the loss of a/c and p/s. you also need to account for the radiator clearance issue. you should swap the radiator out for a del sol VTEC radiator with an ultra thin fan for it if you're going to do any major tuning to it.
swap out your suspension too because of the slightly extra weight in the front. try H&R springs, i've heard good things about them.
you dont lose the AC/PS if you use the right mount kit
unless your going FI then say goodbye to it