h22 in 94 hb

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hey guys, i'm new here, in fact this is my first post. i'm basically sick of my slo ass 2001 civic, so i'm sellin it for a 94 hb. now, of course i'm gonna do some kind of motor swap but i'm not sure which one yet. i'm really interested in the h22 motor, tho. now i realize this might have been posted before but i don't see it talked about a lot. What would u need for this swap besides the h22 itself and mounts? axles or anything like that? also, i never understood what an obd2 ecu is all about. can someone explain it? and finally, wouldn't the hb be too heavy in the front with the h22? i would be gutting out the interior so all the weight would be in the front. :unsure:

well if anyone can answer at least one of my Q's i would appreciate it :worthy:
besides the motor and mounts, you need the shift linkage. And if you want a slim radiator fan, or else you have to trim your stock one.

Axles. There is a couple of routes you can take..
You can use the Prelude intermediate shaft w/ DSS axles. or you can use a 1990 Accord intermediate shaft w/ 90-93 Integra axles.

OBD2. a more complex ecu. But if you have a 94 hatch just get a motor that is OBD1 because the hatch is OBD1, and you dont have to worry about that.

And weight... the h22 is roughly 80 lbs heavier then the b series motors.. Its really nothing your going to notice.. if you do your suspension right you its no biggie.
done away with the weight, yes.... but i believe there are still issues of the H series engines sitting further forward in the engine bay and leaning the opposite direction of a B series engine so you still have weight distribution issues, this will still effect handling