h22 turbo?

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Hey i have a 00Si shell that has no motor in it right now. i was wodnering should i swap a h22 in the civic, I would like to Turbocharge it. Whats need into doing a h22 swap into a civic? I have done a couple of swaps alreadly im just trying to see if its any harder.
I've heard that h23 non vtec motors take better to boost. Wouldn't vtec be undesirable for a turbo setup? i mean the bigger lobes might put the powerband too high with the forced induction, but i am just guessing, based on what i have experienced boosting V8's.
'ipeeonrice' is right, a h23 would be better at takin' boost. the h22 runs too high of a compression ratio, 11:1 i believe. I think if you install different cams to lower the compression, you should be fine...
and no, a h22 is not easy to install in a civic. there is some fabrication that has to be done
the problem with boost and VTEC is that there is too much overlap (duration) on the VTEC lobe so it is a bitch to tune... the RPM range really has nothing to do with it
the H22A has a CR of 10:1 or 10.6:1 depending on year
the H23A has a CR of 9.8:1
the H22A in the JDM prelude type S has a CR of 11.1:1
and changing the cams has nothing to do with the CR
im pretty sure you need to run forged pistons in an H22A to support any real amount of boost, and to do that you need to resleeve it...
to put an H series into a civic you just need to use hasport or place racings mounts... i think they have a wiring harness and shift linkage to make it easier as well... other than that the only other thing you should realize is that with a boosted H22A in a civic you will have to get rid of the AC and possibly the PS (not sure about the PS) personally i dont think that shit should be in there any way but thats just my opinion
you CAN run a/c with an h22 in there... but if you put a turbo on it, theres no room for it- so the a/c has to go. powersteering can be made to work.
if you turbo a h22a you will have to get a custom turbo mannifold because it the turbo on the right side of the engine will hit the radiator. therefor you will have to move the turbo to the left side to be safe
isn't there some kind of problem with the H22 tranny when dealing with 300+hp??