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exactly how easy is it to swap the h22 into a 92 civic hatch? is it just as simple as take the old one out and drop the new one in?
depends on what you think "extreme" is. With the hasport mount kit you have to remove your stock tranny mount (grind the welds) and use hasports. And you have to get a slim radiator fan. or cut your stock one. But thats it.
Oh and don't forget you won't have a/c or p/s either when you do this swap(depending on which mount kit you use). But then again, a real racer doesn't need that stuff.
Also, I've read that you can use your stock radiator(not recommended because you need a higher capacity radiator for the bigger engine) as long as you change the fan and use an ultra thin one. I'm doing this swap and I'm planning on using a Fluidyne radiator with an ultra thin fan.
or you could save some $$$ and get a stock vtec del sol radiator. And "a real racer doesnt need a/c or p/s"?? lol.. are we on fast and the furious?...
[vin]ask any racer, any real racer you dont need a/c or p/s[/vin]
would the fluidyne radiator with the 11 inch fan work? is there a specific radiator kit i can buy? where can i get a smaller fan?
as long as it's a small fluidyne radiator or any other, it should be fine. the 11 inch one should work.
you can get a slim fan at pep boys.. if you wanna take the cheap route. or summit sells the FAL slim fan