H22a Into A '91 Prelude

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can the swap be made? an h22a into a 91 prelude? i posted this questions weeks ago but didn't get an answer to it. i really like the car so i just want to have more power under the hood. will it mount or will i have to have some crazy things done to make it fit correctly and work properly?
The H22A would go in, but only after gobbs of money... the JDM b20a is a good swap. i did it in my 90 prelude SI and noticed a large gain in hp, and torque. With my old motor the best i could do was 16.37 1\4 mile... and just the other day i did the 1/4 mile in 14.75.... there you go, food for thought.
Originally posted by Domeskilla@Jan 16 2003, 03:36 AM
To much money to make it fit. That chassis was made and forgotten. The h22 wont go.

The H22 will very well fit into a 3rd Gen prelude. There have been many people who have done it and it is not very difficult at all. The only problem is it will cost a little bit of money for the engine and mounts and all. Check out Placeracing.com. They have everything you would need to complete the swap minus the engine, tranny, and ECU. And as for rude lude, I'm gonna have to call BS. No offense, but the Jdm B20A only has about 10 more horsepower and about the same torque. Unless you added a turbo, or thousands in N/A parts you are not running 14.75 in the quarter. Sorry.
I own an 89 lude with a turbo'd H22a making 575 hp.... don't let anybody tell you it can't be done. the parts (mounts,harnesses, axles ect.) cost around 2700.00 and the engine, tranny, ecu will be 2000-2500.00 dollars. this setup will run low 14's all day, and you can choose from hundreds of aftermarket parts to make it faster down the road.

don't let the high cost stop you, Its a blast to drive!

for all you haters-- you'll find my setup at WWW.teaminterlude.com under Ima2nr
those pics were in the construction stage... this car is my daily driver. I also have a 90 prelude (stock ) for those rainny days!
Its not to expensive, I'm doing one right now.. Place racing mounts are $640, axles are accord 95+ $160 a pair at checkers auto part w/ lifetime warranty. and the h22a for about $1800 if you shop around. the hard part is the new clutch, ECU wiring, cherry picker, water pump, timming belt, thermostat, and all the research into the wiring up. Good luck
I just finished writing a tech atricle on the complet swap... It will be posted within 2 weeks on Teaminterlude.com

check the site soon and learn just how easy it is to have H-power in your 3rd gen chassie!

I was just wondering how a 3rd gen with an h22a handles... cause all i hear are rumours that the engine is too heavy and throws off the balance of the car... How does it feel to you (in comparison to a stock 3rd gen)?