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is it true that if you drop an h22 into a hatchback all your handling goes to shit. because an h22 and a b16 cost around the same price and id like the bigger bang for the buck if the h22 is really the way to go. i have a 94 si and the sohc 1.6 is not powerful enough for me. which enigne would you guys recommend? :huh:
It does not just all of a sudden turn into a ford, you can handle fine for a daily driver. The h22 is not cheaper then a b16 because the h22 needs new mounts and is recommended to buy stiffer springs. Also because of the weight, lightning mods such as CF hood and battery relocation kit are also recomended. The h22 takes more work to make happen because you have to either buy a slim radiator or shave the fan (i would rather cool an engine better and get the slim then shave the fan) Also, parts for the h22 are harder to find and will be close to 2x the amount of B series.

Basicly it all comes down to what you want.

a, you want a car that can road race, autoX, and other places where handling means more then power, this swap is not for you.

if your b, and you want a car that will be great for drag or as a real fast daily driver, go with the H22.
i never heard of anyone having to shave a fan or buy a "slim" radiator... for the engine to fit you need new mounts. the only room problems is with the p/s and a/c you can trim the radiator support with a grinder to fit the p/s and hasport and some other company makes kits for the a/c ... as for the weight this is so over played they weight is only like 50-70lbs more... which is about 25lbs displaced on each side on the front end... aftermarket springs will handle this with no problem... because most springs are made short to handle better (stiffer/heavier) from what i know h&r springs load rating as much higher than others so they might be the best bet... on my setup i will prolly put h&r springs on the front and coil-overs on the back... just make sure you check the ODB and wiring... good luck!
The reason why it is much smarter to trim your fan or buy a slim radiator INSTEAD of shaving the radiator support is because if you ever get in a crash, that weaken support can cause the other car to smash up your $4k set up. Much better to pay the extra money for the slim radiator then run that risk
ok maybe im just stupid or maybe its cuz i dont pay that much attention to H series swaps ... but what the hell is a "slim radiator"... and why would you want one ... stock is usually single or double core (i dont think you can get thinner than the stock single core)... if your using a radiator with less surface area that is going to reduce your cooling capability isnt it??? ive seen slim radiator fans... is that what everyone is actually talking about??? :blink:
Slim fans is what I think he meant.
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Feb 22 2003, 09:31 PM
Slim fans is what I think he meant.

I think your right. Yea i have a slective memory, slim radiator fan kinda left out the last part.
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Feb 23 2003, 05:50 AM
ive seen it all over the place on this site lately

Slim radiators??? :huh:
thats what i was thinking..... look through a few of the H22 swap posts youll see it
I guess I have selective reading,I always assumed they meant fans haha,I guess me and sumption are ass's now :D
my slim fan, you can see how slim they are :p

and the reason you want one, or need to trim yours, isnt if you get in a accident

its because the h22 slave cylinder will hit your fan, this is the only pic i could scratch up real quick.. i know there is a better one out there, ive seen them.. ill look for it whenever i got time
yea i found it..lol acidentally looking for something else.. but here.. here is what a trimmed up stock fan looks like
hey is yoru slim fan a FAL fan? I have one also. I don't know why the previous owner bougt one but oh well.
Originally posted by nealo@Feb 20 2003, 08:18 PM
because an h22 and a b16 cost around the same price and id like the bigger bang for the buck if the h22 is really the way to go.

and just to clarify-

it will cost you well over 4000 to get an h22 into your civic. average price from people who have done it is about 42-4500 bucks.
an sir2? 2500-2600 in the car.
i wanted the black one.. but it was on backorder.. so i tried to pick the less riceyest color. I was considering a yellow fan just because of the crazy horsepower gains you get with it. But i went with blue.