H22a4 Ecu Wiring

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i have a 97 civic with a h22a1 out of a 98 prelude s and i am tring to figure out how to bypass the key imobilizer built in to the ecm. i have been told it is very similiar to the egnition set-up in the type-r integras and newer acuras. i have the wire in the harness found that sends the signal from the ignition system to the ecm, but i do not know if it is a hot or ground,and i dont want to burn up my ecm. help me !!!!!!!
the signal I believe to be a specific voltage, as far as I know there is know way to bypass it because if there was then it wouldn't be very effective. My suggestion is use either and obd1 ecu with conversion harness or a OBD2 gsr ecu. The latter how ever will supposedly give big hesitation at 4500 because vtec kicks in too early. Hope that helps.
GSR ECUs on a H22 are marginal at best unitil chipped and tuned.
You have to modify the hardware inside the ECU to remove the immobilizer. It is a different board than the ITR, but similar in concept.