H23 Into 90 Accord

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I talked with dohcaccordvtec about this before but I have a few more specific questions on the matter. When doing this swap I know you can use the original mounts and all that along with the tranny. I was wondering about keeping AC and changing from OBD0 to OBD1 or OBD2. What other hardware may one need other then the long block motor?
Thanks in advance.

iam planning on doing this swap in my 90 accord ( already have the engine sitting in the kitchen)also from what i have learned it would be best to get the h23 ecu ......now what has gt me is this odb0 obd1 stuff i ha no clue that te 9 ccord was obd0i was under the iprssion that it was obd1 and the h23 i got is also an obd1...........so what at all is involved i convrtng the on board diagnostics now?? do they sell adapters/converters for this ? i know obd2 to obd1 adapters are available...if no adapters are available for my particular swap what exactly would it take to get the obd1 h23running in the obd0 90 accord