H23a3 Jdm Engine

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I am looking fro some info on an H23A3 engine. I found one the other day and am interested in swapping for my F22 Accord wagon. Anybody know about this one? What kind of ponies and torque? Is this the infamous H23 Vtec found only in JDM Accord Wagon's? Rover ( a British car builder that is "owned" by Honda) has been putting all kinds of different Honda engines in their cars for a while now, I can get just about any Honda engine through rover vehicles and pay a quarter of the cost if it came out of a Honda. I just bought a good H23A! from a junk yard for a 100bucks. Go figure, a new set of crank shaft bearings later and I got me a sweet engine. Please let me know about the H23A3, and no this engine is no myth.
Nah, he's right, we had a discussion on this before. I looked for a little bit, couldn't find the thread, maybe someone else could find it. Honda made a rare H23 VTEC that came in European-spec wagons.