hatch or si coupe

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i found a 00 civic si at a local dealer, its in odd shape to say the least but its still pretty. first thing i noticed was the b18a1 swap and the clutch felt wierd...i cant put my finger on it right now. the interior is in decent shape but the exterior has some dings/dents (truck dent, hood dinged).

they are asking $5995 (i will haggle), i want to trade in my hatch for this car...but i cant figure out if it would be worth it. im looking for a little bit of input on what you all think about this deal. in my eyes the cars are equal in many ways, except the motors.
wait... b18a1 swap into an 00 Si coupe? That car isn't worth shit, especially not 5995.
stay the fuck away from that car
yeah dude, fuck that b18a.

without even seeing it, that acar screams riced out hack job.

i wouldn't buy it for $500.
ya, maybe it wouldnt be such a great idea...the fact that its a si and has a better motor than my hatch was enough to make me want it. i was blinded by fancy vtec stickers and a sunroof...my bad. sorry to bother you all with that. }=)
Did you mean to type B16A, or is B18A accurate?
check to see if it's a b16 or b18. pop the hood. then check and see if it has a clean title.

my thought though, never trust "local" dealership. they get shit at auctions or overpriced trade ins. then they will try to finance you at 24% or some shit.
IIRC, the B16 that should have come in the Si should have Vtec written on the valve cover as well. Another quick reference thing to look for to see if it's legit or not.
word,just look at te valve cover,if its dohc vtec its most likely a b16,unless they swapped a gsr or type r,ten tat would explain te b18
Did you mean to type B16A, or is B18A accurate?
no i mean its a b18a1, the non vtec ls teggy motor. and for some reason my gut is telling me to give the car another look today...ill bring it to my buddies so we can give it a good look over.

and the first thing i did was pop the hood to read the block...we get a lot of fakie civics around here...besides the motor this seems like a real si. its the sexy electron blue, has the si stock rims, gauge cluster...all that jazz. illhave the final word on it tonight. peace.
just get the vin from them. make sure the engine matches. if i was going to invest $6000 for a car, $30 for a carfax report is kibble. it could save you thousands in the long run.
i can tell him if its a real si and thats about it