98 dx hatch with b16a swap

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So i have a 98 civic hatch dx and i recently bought a b16a to swap into it. The engine is compleat with right hand wire harness. From everything ive read its a obd1 engine and the dizzy,alt,and injector plugs should be different from my obd2 harness that in my car currently on a d16y7. But alas to my dismay they are completely the same plugs for everything. Anyone with any input would be much appreciated. I planned on using my facrory harness with a p28ecu and jumper harness and jus running the wires for vtec.
well .... your car is obd2 and that motor is obd1 , other than that it is a very straightforward swap , also its been covered thousands of times feel free to use search bar and or google
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