Headlight Condensation

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I'm curious to know if anyone has heard that 97 through 2000 civics are notorious during the winter months for headlight condensation? I have TYC projectors and a brand spanken new set of stock lamps, and both sets get a tiny bit of moisture buildup on the bottom corner's, were the signal bulbs are. I've heard this happens because of the four little rubber vent tubes on the lamps make them open to the elements. I would assume sealing them with silicone would take care of that problem, anyone know anything about that? Help would be great!
They are brand new, I know for a fact they are sealed, when I bought the car with the stock lamps it would do the same thing. I bought projectors, the same thing. I converted back to a new set of stock lamps, the same thing. It has something to do with the way they are designed to vent trough those little tubes.
vent tubes? or is it a one-size fits all or diff models and they would be plugged up depending on the application w/ plastic nubs or something.
i maybe have had sealed beams w/ some venting, not sure of venting on projectors i've had.
On each headlight assembly, there are two little rubber tubes that slide over a plastic nipple, they are black. They are used for the purpose of venting the headlight assembly from moisture and excessive heat. At the same time they can do the exact opposite, because the headlight is not truly sealed. Just look at the back of your headlight assembly for the little black tubes and you will see what I'm talking about. On second thought, if you have an older EG model you might not have the vent tubes. They are only on the EK models I think.
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You can pull the fixtures out and lighting elements too, pour in some rubbing alchohol which will remove the moisture, blow out using compressed air and then use silicone gelly/spray to 'lightly' coat the rubber O-ring on the bulb and re-install.
You could push some cotton up it's drain hose too. Not alot, just to help filter.