headlights flicker HELP!!

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Ok guys not sure if this is where it should go but my headlights, tail lights, and interior lights are flickering while the car is running. They don't flicker at all while the car is turned off. I'm not sure where to start.......i did a search on honda-tech and someone said to check the alternator and thermostat......why would the thermostat have anything to do with that? The clip on my alternator broke off so the plug doesn't snap into the alternator anymore. The plug is firmly in the alternator so i'm not sure if this could be a problem....

Any help or ideas would be great
My old motor used to do that. I kill the alt with my 400watt amp. it took about 4 months to do. check to make sure your alt belt is tight. is your idiot light comming on....err the one with the battery? if so that means your battery isnt getting charged. if it isnt that go get your battery checked. if it turns out to your battery i would go and get a yellow top optima!