Hellllp with h22!!

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i dont know what this sencer is thats located under the oil filter because on my f22 its like pluged and there is no sencer but on my h22 theres a sencer that only needs one wire to jook to it.....and what is the square black box under the intake manafold for do i need? is it something that i already have in a diff spot on my accord what is it help please .....-thankz
ok it is the knock sensor and they are f ing anoying.....it is a one wire sensor and if you do not hook it up, the engine will go into limp mode and you will be slower than the f22 untill vtec but still lag and some time stall out in rare occasions....you have to run that one wire sensor(knock sensor) directly to the h22 ecu...dont remember what pin, but if you look online for where knock sensor goes to the ecu you will find it....wire that into your ecu and that is all there is to it....did you run your vtec wires also...there is one more solenoid that you will have to hook up...it is the intake bypass solenoid...not 100% whats up with this solenoid...i dont know where it goes or what vacuum lines go into it or where it goes on the ecu but i know you should add it....i didnt but on the same sense my car idles like crap sometimes and doesnt want to start or stay running if it is really cold out untill it is warmed up....good luck...o yea the knock sensor you have to jack up the front end and it is a tight space to plug it in correctly because you can put the clip on backwards and not have the wire connected but when you put your hand up there you really cant see the sensor at the same time, but once you have it connected then it is east...i think i had a bad clip on mine because when i put the clip on, it pushed the wire out so i had to break the clip off and hardwire the wire derectly to the sensor but since then i had no knock sensor problems or cel's
it might also be your oil temp sensor i think it is, but if your car idles decent and drives it isnt that