Helm, Inc. Honda Civic Shop Manual

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I just bought the Shop manual for 1996-99 Civic 2/3/4 Door from Helm, Inc.
--> link <--

I know it's too late to ask this since I just bought it online, but what do you guys think of Helm manuals? Aren't they the most complete ones to buy?
Do you guys have any other preferences when it comes to manuals?

This thread should be useful for all those planning to buy one.
I have a Honda service manual for the 87 si CRX and it itself is thicker than a Chiltons and the electrical manual for the same car is half as thick.
i've heard that the HELMS manual is a very good tool. i've never used one myself. but it is very informative about the specific year type that you purchase about everything it has to do about the car.
good purchase.. i just got my prelude helms its 2 inches thick and it just breaks everything down
and for $67 the price wasn't too bad, especially considering the size and content. :D