Help Me To Combine A Gs-r(nos) Motor

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We buy a Jdm GS-R motor and a crx to swap it. The motor have a modified GS-R intake manifold, Type R Header, stock cams, B-16 cable transmission, ferrea valves, crower rods, JE low compression pistons, aem intake, 64mm bored throttle body, 2 1/2 custom made exhaust, skunk 2 cam gears, unorthodox underdrive pulley,10 lb lightened flywheel, act xxtreme pressure plate, six pucks clutch, stock head, 0bd0 b-16 computer, a skunk 2 field and a nos system.

What NOS horsepower you recommended to use in that motor?(for drag use). What sprockets and field setting you recommended me? The lightened flywheel works with nos? At what pressure the fuel regulator need to be set? At what degrees the ignition be set. PLEASE GIVE ME ALL THE HELP AND SETTINGS TO MAKE THIS MOTOR A FAST ONE.THANKS :D
To answer almost all of this you'll need to state the compression ratio you have moved down to, which you really don't have to do for NOS. Sounds like you have a turbo candidate on your hands instead.