Help with Cam gears

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Junior Member
Hope there's someone out there who can help me out with my problem. I just bought a LSVTEC civic and about a week ago, the Exhaust cam gear (DC Sports) snapped off while i was driving at about 45mph.
Anyway, I am trying to get my hands on a AEM one on Ebay, and was wondering if anyone can help me with the installation. and can i use the AEM with the present DC intake cam gear?
Is there a website that provides good installation and proper timing for this shit. I am pretty desperate.

yea. you can use one aem and one dc sports.. but if you snapped a cam gear off you may have a lot more problems... did the timing belt fly off too?? pistons into the valves??
ya, that sounds REALLY bad, cuz, if one cam is not turning, but the rest of the motor is, then you can run into piston to valve contact.
The belt is still there. haven't looked at the pistons and valves as yet. Thank guys.