Help with my swap

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The k is worth doing for sure, but it needs a lot of supporting parts like mounts, kpro ecu, shifter conversion, mounts, exhaust work, etc. None of those are cheap.
The K24 is a much superior engine to that D16. If it were me, I'd buy the TSX and then start selling the D-series stuff to fund the swap. That's just me, though. You can certainly have fun with a turbo D-series.
Oh, and I buy a lot from this place: It's not just K-series. They sell parts for most all Hondas and other makes as well. Shipping is always fast and good communication.
thanks alot fellas... i been watching alot of videos and figured that it gets pricey.. im really looking forward to how the d16 is gonna turn out, so im gonna buy the k series and sit it in the garage until the times right...he only wants 500 so thats a steal but thanks again man i appreciate all the love and feedback