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New Member
i just got me a 1987 crx hf and i want to but a better engine in it.
what should i but in it?
well i guess it depends on what you want

how much power are you looking to get?
is $$$ an issue?
maybe you should consider a Mini-me head swap, but im not sure on how that would work with the 87

anyway im new so im not very informed yet, im usre some other people here can help you with some recomendations

also google crx engine swaps lot of good info floating around
yah the mini swaps are sweet that would be my first suggestion for you especially if you dont want to spend alot of money on it you can usually pick up the complete swap from or h-motors. Since you can get the whole set up for 600-800 depending on who you go through you jsut have to make sure that you get the right tranny for you year i would suggest the si cable tranny, its the shortest tranny and it is awesome for your year crx. good luck =)
stupid greenhorns. you might wanna ask B for this thread to be put in the right catigory or it might get closed.
anyway there is not many options with the EW's. I have seen people but b16's into them but with maga fabrication. also look into doing some NA stuff like cams and valves.