holy what the hell is this?


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looks weird. it looks like it was photoshopped, although its prolly real. the lights in the front make me think that its a carbon fiber body or something like a drag car.


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ok, because i am subscribed to superstreet i can tell you what that is, before you guys go dissing the rice magazine that starts many a rice/fast and furious trends lemme say i started as a wannabe ricer and then i found hondaswap.... anywayz its a real s2000, but the photos were taken to make it look like an rc car for the april (fools) day issue.
Originally posted by DjMcPhatty@Oct 12 2002, 11:35 PM
lemme say i started as a wannabe ricer and then i found hondaswap....

hate to admit it, but that is my story too! lol saved by the grace of hondaswap.com!

90 accord

Chicks dig the box
look at this shibby

an accord

^think he needs a wash?

here's an r43 for you B





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Those people obviously do not race those RC cars. THey put way to much time into painting those bodies to race them. One heat and they would be scratched all to hell.


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A good electric set up is around $400 depending on what you get (a really good one is more than that) unless you already own some of the peices. Gas costs about the same with a higher cost to run because Nitro Methanol is expensive, you eat up tires a little faster, and you tend to break more parts when learning to drive the car because they are faster than electric.

Do you want an on road or off road RC car?