Honda Civic Si Rims

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Senior Member
The rims look brand new, but two tires are in bad need of replacing, but i would suggest replacing all 4 because the other 2 arent going to last too long the way you guys drive :lol: , but im selling them for $300.00 O.B.O plus shipping, whatever that is. Email me at or reply to this if interested.
B) Find out how much the shipping would be to send them to Puerto Rico and let me know maybe we can strike a deal let me know that way I'll know if it's worth the efort.
You need to find out the shipping to there because im not paying for the shipping. Not to be rude but im not going to hassle too much with that because i can sell them locally a lot easier, but if you want you can check all the info. They will be shipped from Hampton, VA 23663.
pm your addy and I can come get them next weekend with cash in hand.....