Honda Inspire Bodu Kit!

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I have found me a body kit in japan and would like to know what you guys think of it?

to me it's not too OTT but something I can't describe.
oh yeah the alloy's look pretty hot too, better than my Momo arrow's :D



Or maybe this one...



For those that have never heard of an Inspire, It's basically a Acura Vigor, IE same 5 cyl engine 2.0 & 2.5 L

What do you guys think? worth doing?
i think that bumper is TITE! for some reason it reminds me of a mean looking old S14. the only thing i dont like is the rear valance. it looks heavy.

oh and im moving this topic out of the tech forum B)
now all you need is a huge wing on the back and it would look good ..........just kidding looks tight though i say do it
I think it looks pretty cool actually. A good looking rolling car, not always for race but just for around town and stuff, kind of like a bmw.
Hmm how do you guys get BMW out of those kits?

O like the wheels on the top pic. don't like the bottom ones one bit!

both are cool/phat in thier own rights. think I'll go with the top one with maybe a GT style wing!

thanks for ur inputs.
i dont know i think you could find alot better looking kit for alot! cheaper here go to they have alot of kits