Hondas, turbo, and sleeves

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Are there any Honda engines that don't have the "siameased sleeve" design? I.e. an engine ideal for boost? Resleeving can be damn expensive.
its called a block guard.


it goes in the water jacket sleeve.
Originally posted by timEspeed@Dec 28 2002, 04:44 PM
well aint that some shit...
how well do them sleeve guards work? where can I find 'em?

The drop into the water jacket between the sleeve and the block
They're typically made by Nuformz
They cost about $100-150
They rattle a lot
They cause a lot of extra vibration in your sleeve

Typically $800-1200, depending on where you get it done, if you're looking for reinforced sleeves (like Golden Eagle's monster sleeve setup), if you're boring out your block, if you're raising your deck, etc...
welding it is common. make sure the block is decked .0001 to clear off any extra shit on the top.
theres much debate about them... good or bad...
Damn re-sleeving is expensive! I guess if want crazy amounts of boost ya gotta do it. My mustang handles 18 pounds of boost without skipping a heartbeat. Mind you, I don't run down the highway or up the street with a consistent 18 In the city I sometimes see 6 to 10 tops, that's about it.

So do they slide it in halfway down and weld it in then? It still rattles at that point? Perhaps the cooling is affected since there's not as much water flowing through? It seems like a good idea...similar concept as a girdle for a domestic. Do they make girdles for imports?
If you weld it, it won't rattle.

Cooling is affected since it blocks most of the coolant's path, but the holes in the guard are there to let the coolant through.

Yes, they make girdles for imports... but I assume you're talking about crank girdles. The GSR engine has one it in already, and Z10 makes one to bolt up to other B blocks.