How High Can I Go?

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88 C1V1C 53D4N DR1V3R
If i have a stock b18a head how many rpm can the stock valvetrain handle? would the cams be the only limiting factor if i wanted to rev to 8000? thanks a lot.
Unless there is something wrong with your valves (their bent or something) there is no need to replace them. You want springs and retainers. Crower makes some good valve train companents for the LS.
werd on the crower ls shit, my buddy just put crower cams in his LS and it is a sweet difference they make.
BTW - Sega Saturn Rocks...I still have mine, and i my switch mod still works so i can play Marvel vs. Street Fighter. :D
crazy, idon't know anyone who still plays, especially with a modded system. i wish i could get guardian heroes, it is the BEST game ever for saturn.

and Crower stuff is definately the shit.

what about aluminum retainers, anybody got something for me?
My B16A head came with aluminum retainers. I think that titainium is the way to go.
Go with titanium ones. From what I remember...
aluminum = lighter
titanium = stronger tensile strength and also higher melting temp.

Make sense?
completely, i guess the $10 per retainer is hard to swallow.
Last I heard Crane and Crower were having trouble with the alloy they used for their retainers. Crower has changed alloys and I haven't heard anything about Crane.
Originally posted by saturn_boy96@Feb 1 2003, 12:10 PM
i found some aluminum retainders on ebay for like half of what crane wants for their titanium ones.

DO NOT BUY ALUMINUM RETAINERS!!!! i had a set of them in my first LSVTEC and everyone at Portflow and Ericks said, "that is one of the worst cases of coil-binding i have ever seen" lol........ with the CTR cams on my set-up the springs over-loaded the retainer and the spring ripped right through the aluminum retainers.... only thing holding the retainers in place was the inner spring

if i had pics i would show you guys, but i already got the head fixed so i didnt have a chance to take pics
ouch! that sounds harsh! i'm not using very stiff springs on my setup, ITR inners and outers with ITR retainers for my CTR cams, those retainers are aluminum, but the springs are not that stiff, so i shouldn't have a problem. but, if you are upgrading the springs to something much stiffer, definatley get Ti retainers, why do you think every single company that suggests/sells springs and retainers only have Ti retainers?