How much money have you put into your car?

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i have a friend with a STi, including the cost of the car, he has right at 50k in it. he paid around 22k for the car, and then a nice full build and various shit.
he doesnt drive it. when he did he never took it above 3k rpm, wouldnt race it (even on track) because he was too scared of breaking something.
now he bought a old nissan hardbody with 250k on the clock, and parked the sti in is garage.
it wont be driven.


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thats a nice $50k dildo. no use, it's just taking up space in the garage.


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Hey some guys put so much into their car's all's they can do is hide it and protect the investment.

There are lots of people here in Detroit that do that shit.



and unless its a classic, anybody that looks at a vehicle, dumps cash into it and calls it an investment is an idiot.
cars depreciate. no matter what. you dump money into it, you will never get that much out of it.
that would be kind of like buying stock in circuit city right now.


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Dumping money into classics pays off bigtime, i am always watching those Aucitons on TV and people restore those old 53-60's corvette that sell well into the 100,000's. Saw a 1964 "Red Stinger" a guy fully restored sold for 160k.


yeah, if i had the cash, i would dump it into a classic.

but people buy civics and shit. dump 20k+ into them, and then stop driving them bc they are scared soethings going to happen to it, and want to "protect their investment"
a civic with 20k in it, is still a civic that will only sell for about 5k.


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yep i agree i put all that money into my neon and guess what, its still a neon. can be said for every car with the exception of classics. i didn't do it cause i thought it was a great investment, i didn't do it to impress others, when it came down to it i did it cause it is what i wanted and if it is what i liked then it was money well spent.


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including the cost of the car im about $1250 in to the car. but after april i plan on dumping some cash into for the suspension and a turbo build.


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I wanna start getting into some classics. I'm just afraid that if i start, I won't be able to part with them. I have college in the fall anyway, so i'll be broke for the next 6 years too. I always wanted a:
1965 or 68 coupe deville
57 chevy
67-72 chevy truck
late 2nd gen camaro z, 4 speed (who the hell buys a auto muscle?^_^)

but I won't be able to afford them anytime soon, plus i need a garage if i want toys like that.


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including the cost of the car im about $1250 in to the car. but after april i plan on dumping some cash into for the suspension and a turbo build.

Oh shit! Thats how it starts...Hahaha!


I have spent upwards of 4000 and all i have to show for it is some rear disc brakes and a mini-me. I don't even have rims or an exhaust but whatever I have fun with it.


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Whatever the cost of the shit thats in my sig is what I've put into it, not including the maintenance or what I haven't installed in it yet (coilovers, shifter, IM, etc).

I dunno, its probably right around 2,000 ish.


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What car was this? Sounds pretty crazy.
I think he was working a job and that money wasn't IN the car but rather inside the car...

I think I had around 15K into my Z? hmmm I have no idea car + parts.... I'd guess around 45K (car factored into the price)


I bought a 92 hatch for $2200, put $4300 into it ($6500 total), and sold it for $3400 in a span of about 8 months.

Someone got a phantom grey CX hatch with an amazing brand spanking new suspension under it for cheap!! (kyb agx's, Neuspeed springs, gsr disks at all corners, skunk 2 a arms, type r trailing arms, Urethane bushings throughout, ITR sways, aluminum LCAs) That thing handled like a dream. But I quickly fell out of love with it and sold it before I had the chance to swap in a gsr motor and have real fun with it.