How To Tell If A Ecu Is Auot Or Manual {pr3}

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if the second to last # on the ECU is a 5 then it is an automatic. anything else it's a 5 speed.

i'm putting this into the FAQ.
Originally posted by ls_vtec_b18a1@Mar 1 2003, 11:20 AM
how did i tell if its is 5 sp or auto?

If it's a 88-91 it will end in 900, 901 or 902

If it is a 92-95, it will end in a number of different ways:

Could be 9xx
Could be a letter "x" followed by 5x (ie A51)

The middle digit denotes AUTO


37820-PR3-900 - AUTO
37820-PR3-J51 - AUTO

37820-PR3-000 - Manual