Huge GSR Part out

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So basically Im selling everything from my GSR that is still good and if its not its still for sale

basically i have everything thats not part of the engine for sale for a gsr heres a list

2 Alpine 10" Type R's w/ Custom Box $400
ZEX Nitrous Kit w/ Purge $350
Custom interior $700 w/ seats
Custom racing Seats $250 each
Skunk 2 racing struts $525
Side skirts $100
GSR hatch best offer perfect condition
GSR dash has 3 gauge wholes cut in passenger side best offer
West wing spoiler $250
GSR front bumper best offer(scratched)
Mold on rear skirt best offer

i live in hampton roads virginia id prefer to make most sales local

pm me all prices are negotiable and I have more


here was the car


here it is

PM for pictures i uploaded them didnt work...i have pictures of the interior and parts listed
Details on WTF happened in that accident?
car flipped 3 times 1 barrel role then a cart wheel came around a turn the back end of the car spun out i guess i hydro plained over corrected hit an embankment and flew like 20-40 feet landed on the front end and the hood snapped in like 20 pieces no idea how fast i was going but the road i wrecked on didnt even have a yellow line in the middle of the road i was on my way to my friends house less than a mile away.. :(
Why were you going, I would say you were doing like 60-85mph, on a wet slippery back road again...?
i dk im an idiot? i wasnt wearing a seatbelt either and walked away...but i honestly dont know how fast i was going