Hybrid Revolution

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why is this company stealing photos from flash options, do they not really have the motors and clips like they advertise? the only reason i noticed was because they are advertised on hondaswap.
they just opened up. I saw those pics too... my gues is that they havne't had one come in.

and why dont you ask this on their boards... see what the owners have to say about things
yeah jacked some pictures of the front clips we provide. Hey what can I say it's really hard to find acurate pictures (regaurding clips) that you provide your customers. :worthy:
but, as you can tell- it gives you a bad rep. i'd suggest taking them down at once.
and shit- flash options can even sue you for using their pics (copyright) if they wanted to
i wasnt trying to be a dick or anything i just notice stuff like that and was curious, i hope your business succeeds and maybe i can buy from you in the future. i only asked on this board because they were advertised here.
you know i kinda noticed that once but did not say anything, but some of them they even say flashoptions