I Have A Del Sol . . . And Performance Questions .

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I've got a 95 Del Sol Si, and I was curious about a few things . . .

I'm looking to get headers: What company should I be looking for, and what performance gains will I get?

I'm also looking for exhaust: Again, what company? And I don't want it to sound ridiculous . . .

I'm looking for a chip: Company and gains?

What's a good combo? Money isn't exactly a barrier here, but of course saving money is indeed one of the greatest things!
(And if you've swapped a different engine into your Del Sol, how do you like it? What'd you get? How much was it? What performance gains did you get?)

Thanks a lot for any and all information!

P.S. I'm in Portland, OR if anyone knows any good shops around town!
I like d/c sports header,and apexi or greddy exhaust you can get a silencer for when you don't want to be loud

I'm not sure the exact gains but it will sound good
also tanabe and skunk2 exhaust sound great I think the tanabe is kinda loud for the power gain but thats just my opinion
header- stillen SS 4-1 and note- its a HEADER- not headers. you don't have a v8, and hence only 1 header is necessary
exhaust - thermal, apexi 2 1/2"
chip- hondata or aem. anything else isn't really worth the money, and you aren't tuned for it in the first place

if you are thinking about swapping out the d16z6, don't bother with a header... as it wont be usable anyway with the new motor
i swapped out my d16z6 for a b16 sir II. it is sweet. went from running 17s to running mig-high 14's.

chip: hondata, or i may soon be in the business of making chips and selling them
exhaust: thermal, mugen twin loop (expensive), apexi