I need Advice......

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I have a 1998 Civic DX coupe with 140,000 miles on its' stock non-vtec D16 engine. I feel that the time has come to switch to a VTEC as soon as possible. The rest of the car is stock except for the Injen cat-back exhaust. I need to know which engine would be easiest to swap with mine. I would love to get my hands on an H23 with a H22 head on it but that is far fetched and would suck to install. I need some of you people that have swapped with a similar car before to help me decide what engine (VTEC only:must..have..more..power..must..beat..father's..'05 6.0L GTO) and transmission(manual only: I HATE automatics), and other parts (ECU, Mounts, etc.) I should look into. Thanks.
what is your budget? that is the biggest limiting factor...im personally not much of a fan of the h23/vtec i would just go with the h22. the h22 swap is not too excedingly difficult, but for a first timer could be a nightmare. for this swap you will need the hasport mount kit ekh1(IMO the best H install kit on the market)
http://www.hasport.com/Tech/Hasport%20.htm the previous link is to hasports installation page.. you will have to covert from rod style shift linkage to cable linkage..(use 97 up prelude shifter for this), custom axles, wire for vtec,knock, new hoses...etc etc....
If your'e looking to beat the new gto which if I'm not mistaking makes 400hp and in order to beat that, you are going to need a turbo and if NA, you are going to need extensive engine work. If your'e on a budget I would go d16y8 with head work and turbo that mofo, tune it right and you might keep up with yo pops. If you can afford it, go lsvtec turbo.
I like the H22 idea but all of the work that would have to go into it plus the parts (new ECU..Ugh) and wiring (nightmare indeed...) dissuade me from taking that route, plus an H22 in good condition isn't cheap. I am leaning more towards the D16Y8, as I have a friend that has one he is willing to sell for $500 with around 100,000 miles on it (normally I would be afraid of that but we're talking Honda here, she's just getting broken in). If I go that route, I could keep my transmission, which is almost new, and go with a high-end turbocharger. That coupled with an equally high-end intercooler, high-performance ECU, and a cold-air intake coupled with my cat-back could produce some serious power. Although I will probably not be able to rival my Dad's GTO (damn V8's) I could rival just about everyone else. What do you think about that? Opinions are welcome.
Ok, Ok, listen to this, I was looking on Hmotorsports.com and they have a 94-01 B18B (complete changeover kit) with around 35,000 miles for $2200. This engine will crank out around 145hp. If I bought that, I would have to wait a while to get a turbocharger, but it would start me on the long hard road out of my father's dust.

OR, a B16A 92-93 Integra engine (also complete changeover) w/ 170hp and around 35,000 miles for $1700. This is REALLY nice and affordable, but will that year engine go smoothly into my '98 Civic. If I went with this, I could immediately Turbocharge it and start me on the long hard road to break the sound barrier. Thank you all who have given me advice before, but now I need more.


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the easiest swap is the same motor you have in it.

everything else, really depends on your wallet.

just try to get a motor from the same obd as your car. it will make your life much easier. (obd2a)

do NOT get the sir1. you'll end up spending more than both of the above combined to get it in the car
Sorry, but which one is the sir1 that you are referring to. Also, what do you mean by OBD. I know, I am just starting to get into the Japanese sports car scene, so cut me a little slack. Do you think I should buy my friend's D16Y8 VTEC for $500 rather than go to the DOHC? Could I keep my current transmission? Opinions are welcome.


Any engine you swap in is going to need a new ECU. You need to use the same series transmission as the engine you choose, in otherwards, B series to B series, D series to D series, etc... If your goal is to beat a 05 GTO, strat seriously considering boost, and B series, and a good $7000 total swap, turbo, build, and that's doing most the work yourself.