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I there anyone who would be willing to help me out. i am odering my motor this week and wondering if anyone would want to come help me out, never done a swap before.. and i dont want to mess up.. i live in west lafayette indiana. 47906... if u live near by and would like to help.. it would be great, i will pay u for your help... email me at crxracing77@aol.com..... if u are interested...

the swap: 89 crx hf-- putting in a b16 a1
i know, i hope someone will or can help, i dont wantto mess up... depending on how much u want to help i may pay gas tooo..
I can't go dude- I have no time off work until August 28th, 2003.
and that is not a joke :(
post in honda-tech...there may be some people who live closer and in that area.

feel free to give me a call if you wanted...i can help you with some tech advice if possible.

I live too far away and don't know shit about swapping a motor otherwise I would totally go! ROAD TRIP!
are you getting the whole swap? i think u might need a few more things i heard cuz the hf has smaller parts then most hondas. not sure tho... i m having a brain fart
yeah i know abt the hubs.... trailpark.... does live near me but doenst know abt swaps.. and it is the whole swap... from d15 to b16... lafayette is abt 40 min from indy or 100 from norte dame... come one anyone... please
motor swaps arent hard to do as long as you have all the parts, proper tools and a picker, its a fun process. If you can take it out, you can put it back in..
I don't know much about swaps, but I live 2 hours away...I'd come just to help out and stuff...God knows I've read enough about the shit.