ID Theft?

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Yup, I got thefted.

Basically, Ive got dings from 2 accounts on all three agencies. One with a balance of ~1200, and the other ~3800. Account A (~1200) has one hit on all three agencies. Because of timing between agencies (Reported in different months) the balance changes. Account B (~3800) has 2 hits with Equifax (one has a balance, the other is null), 2 hits with Experian (same, balance matches), and 2 hits with Trans Union (ditto).

I called the company associated with Account A. The account is open with ALL of my info. First clue it was ID theft and not a reporting mistake. Filled a claim with them, and now I wait for the run around in the mail.

Still need to call Account B (too late after all this other shit). However, I did receive 2 pieces of mail about this (these) account 2 or 3 months ago. I kept it because its from a store I shop at, but have never had any type of account with. The letters talk about account holder benefits. Both the same, accept for an account number. That explains the 2 hits with each agency. Tomorrow, I plan to call them and go through the same steps as I did with Account A.

Also, plan to go through the online dispute process with all 3 agencies. Because doing it over the phone would take an act of god to accomplish in a day.

What other steps would you recommend for me to take while Im going through this? All I can do at this point is work to clear my credit. The dings are already there for me to disprove.
One of these days when my credit is decent enough again, I'll be adding lifelock. Is the full 5k in debt disputable?
I have no idea. Gotta get more info tomorrow.
I just wanna say, dealing with the credit agencies is retarded.

Im not hung up on talking to a live person. Ill jump through automated hoops to solve my problems.

Last nite, I got nothing accomplished with any of the agencies because I sat on hold so damn long.

Tonite, I got nothing accomplished because,
1) The online dispute form for ID theft referred me back to the phone number that didnt work last nite.

2) Couldnt load my information for some unknown reason.

3) Web site does not exist.

This is why credit fraud is such a hassle. The companies who report it make it that way.

I was able to see that the company linked with Account A closed the account already. Now Im waiting for them to finish their investigation. A small victory so far.

Tomorrow I call the company linked to Account B, and see if I can get the same progress.
sucks man.

shred everything.

change your passwords for EVERY site, especailly your email.

don't use bank apps on your phone over wifi that is not your own (secured). It's too damn easy to sit in mcdonalds or sar bucks and just pick up people's info. There's practically a 1-click install app to do it for iphone.
Ya I need to change passwords. I never use my phone for banking outside of my house. Even then, I dont use an app and I dont allow the site to remember my phone so I have to go through the security questions every time I log in.
my gf just called me saying she saw 3 charges for around $20 each made the past 3 days on he rdebit card.

something is going around.
Ive gone through that once. It was with Bank of America, and getting it resolved was very easy. Hopefully she doesnt have any trouble.
This has happened to me several times. You just have to keep going and get it fixed.

And before anyone says anything, I have lifelock, and have had it for over 6 years.

I just received this letter in the mail a while ago too, hit the lotto again:
How do you go about getting it off your report? Did you just wait on hold until you got what you needed?

I was in a slightly different situation, but yes.

I called twice a day (because it has bearing on my work life, I did it from work) and also wrote one letter per week for about 6 weeks. Finally got it off my credit report.