idle problem...

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i just swapped a b20vtec with a b16 head...when cold the idle is at 1500 rpm..and when is in operating temp it seems to die out so when iam at a stop light cars doesnt idle it jus dies out..what seem to be the problem???
it idle for a lil bit at a stop but den it jus dies out so i have to play with the throttle so it doesnt die out on me...highway driving its okay
so at a stop, itll idle for a second or two but then cut off?
does the time it idles at stops vary?

if you drive it for a while, on the freeway or something, then come to a stop, does it idle better?

thats on my prelude though..
thats also for fuel injected.
i have a picture for carburated too..
check your pcv valve too, my car used to do that and it turns out it was just a clogged pcv valve.​
wow i have a d16z6 del sol and the exact thing happens too me
My idles low and dies when I turn it on I have to keep ma foot on the gas when I first turn it on ! I would think its my iacv but I just changed mine but u should check maybe that's wrong with urs...
Are you throwing any codes when the car stalls/dies? It sounds like a bad iacv. Change it and go from there.