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whose car is it? if its his, im going to take his name down, as the second vid shows him going well over the speedlimit, and well, i dont want him to get in trouble...

so whose car?
uhh read the title.

its jeffie7's car..

the 2nd vid, was a 3rd gear drop... he was doing about 65 he said when he dropped it to 3rd. pulled to 130 pretty damn quick it you ask me :)
fmax kit, darton sleeves, cooler, stuff... i dont know whate else... basically, a modded f-max kit
I was using my brothers digi cam =) turned out pretty well for a simple digi cam setup

btw I was running .75 bar = 11.3PSI I only have 440cc injectors and I have the timing cut back TONS on the top end so just think about what it would be like with some 720s at 16PSI without the timing taken out... =)


as you can see with the timing taken out the HP almost peeks at 4K with more fuel at the same boost level it should put down 300-320WHP the torque would stay around the same area

Strut Tower Brace
Lowered 2 1/4 inches
Progress Camber Kit
Aftermarket Struts
Konig Wheels with Kumho Tires
3 Auto Meter Gauge Pods on the left piller
3 2 5/8" Gauges Tach, Boost, Oil Pressure
MSD 6A Ignition Amplifier
MSD Blaster SS Coil
Apex-I Turbo Timer
Apex-I AVC-R
Upgraded Motor Mount Inserts
Upgraded SI Radiator
MSD Plug Wires
88-91 JDM B16A
91 Integra LS Trans
Full custom 3" from turbo back with 3" tip
3"" downpipe
ACT Street/Racing Clutch 6 puck disk
Hondata ECU with boost upgrade
4 440CC RC Injectors
Spearco Intercooler
T3/T4 Turbo
HKS Blow Off Valve
Tial WasteGate
Open Dump Tube
Crower Titanium Retainers
Crower Dual Valve Springs
ARP Head Studs
JE Custom Type R Pistons 20 over
JE Piston Rings
Eagle Connecting Rods
Darton Ductile Iron Sleeves
Pro Drive Oil Pump Gears
GSR Oil Pump/Housing
STOCK B16 Headgasket

1/4 mile time.... pulling it from my butt Im guessing as my car is now + a set of slicks it should run low 12s with out slicks mid 13s maybe low 13s but thats just a guess nothing more
ive got a crapload of home racing vids from inside and outside of cars, but ive never loaded any on my comp, ill look into it when i get home