Info Needed 4 Zc Swap To A 89 Crx Si

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Junior Member
yeah i was just wondering about what i will need to change in order for the swap to work. such as the axles...will they have to be changed?and the motor mounts do they stay the same? thats all i could think of at the moment... thanks for the help
Dude, dont use the ZC tranny, the Si is better. ZC axels are better, but sell them and the ZC tranny and get ur $$ back. all u gotta do is switch the mount to 2 other holes, ull C what i mean once its out, then drop it in and plug and play. i believe u gotta changer 3 wires or pins or whatever, but u can easily find a how to on the internet. type in ZC swap and u are sure to fine like 100 sights telling u how to install a ZC into a CRX.