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ok i got my inspection on my car today and of course i failed. i personally think the guy was a dumass. listen to the things it failed on.

steering wheel - too small - understandable and no big deal cause i got the stock one
outer tie rods - understandable
torn left inner cv boot - understandable
both front and rear strut - said they were too bouncy, i tried to tell him that it was from the coilovers but i dont think he even knew what the hell they are
backup lights - have no clue what the hell he was doing because they both work perfectly
windsheild banner too big - understandable and no big deal ill jus take it off
gear shift indicator - failed, i dont even know wut that is or why it would fail
catalytic converter - rattles, but he said he cant fail me for it cause its there, but he still put fail on the paper
vin # plate - its not on the dash, and when i look at it it looks like it was never there, no holes or anything. he said it has to be there but theres no spot for it on the inspection paper for it
and the blinkers blinking at different speeds - once again no spot for that on the paper and why does that matter anyway, if all the lights work, which they do

and with all this he didnt fail me for the speedometer and odometer not working, my speedo cable is broken. i think this guy is a dumass and im gettin ready to take it to someone else and pay them to jus pass it.
that guy has got to be some kind of fucking inbred moron. thats bullshit. what state is that? i used to go through those inspections in jersey, but my car was always stock. some of the things he failed you on are just stupid. maybe just fix what you can and take it back and hope u dont get the same moron.

BTW, i think a gear shift indicator is the idiot shift light that comes in some cars...but not in crxes. that guy is a turd.
im in maryland, and i agree that its bullshit. btw i bought the car from a guy in jersey. he lived in rockaway, northern NJ. he said the only thing it would fail for was the steering wheel. but i heard that marylands inspection was one of the most strick. but fuck it, i think im gonna pay someone off to get an inspection ticket.
yea, maybe its worth paying someone. sounds like they just have a problem with your car cause maybe it looks fast/not stock? dicks! i used to live in south jersey, halfway between AC and philly. been to maryland a few times, mainly to sightsee in DC :)
Sounds like this guy was just being a ass I'd just clean up the obivious stuff that's not going to cost much and bring it back through. The gear shift indicator is just a light to tell morons when to shift. Unless he was talking about the indicator for a auto P R N D 3 2 1.