installing a short shifter

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Alright after looking and searching I haven't found anything that has helped. So anyway, for Christmas I got an APC short shifter (yeah i know) anyway, i want to go ahead and put it on and I was wondering who has one and how to go and install one in a 92 civic hatch. I was also thinkin someone should do an article on the install for the site. Well anywayz what it all boils down to is how do i install this thing?
usual apc crap = no instructions... none what so ever. just a short shifter and 2 lil washers. I wouldn't have bought it, but it was a christmas gift from someone who doesn't know better.
dude its simple as shit

take off your shift knob
unbolt underneath the linkages from the shifter
pull the shifter out
use the stock "bushing" and rod on the shifter and put it on the new one. the bushings are hard... and it will be abitch to get the linkage around it again...
but just slide it back up genetly so you dont rip your shift boot
rebolt it in place. be careful not to cross the linkages... and the exhaust is cold. you will be right on it you might even want to drop it off the busing mount right by the shifter to get a little more room to play with.
alos, make sure you grease it up. it probably came with some grease.
hope this helps. but its really easy
if you HAD A HELMS, it would show you how to do this as well
it sucked putting mine in, it was hard to get to the bolts underneath the car.
all in all a simple process, but just a pain to do it
I know this is a bit off topic, but why should you use the stock bushings instead of the bushings that it came with already? Is there any difference, i'm just wondering because for mine is used the bushings that it came with instead of the stock ones.