Jdm B16a Si-r1 Fs

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I've got a JDM B16A Si-R1 swap for sale. It just came in from Japan I haven't even taken it out of the crate so it's already packaged and ready to go. I'm trying to sell it asap cause the warehouse that this freight company dropped it off at is charging me an arm and a leg for warehousing. Only thing it doesn't come with is the ECU. I still have the original documents and everything with the distributor's warantee and stuff. I was gonna sell it for 1200 but since there isn't an ECU i'll sell it for 1000 just email me if you're interested.

I also have a JDM B20Z swap fs for 1500 this one is COMPLETE

I have other parts for sale like interior stuff for hondas and ac's but i want to get my small business up and running with the website up first because i want to try to keep everything as organized as possible instead of having to read every single person's email and responding. But if you need any interior stuff [e.g. panels, dashes etc.] email me and i'll try my best to see what i can do for you