Jdm H22a Or Jdm H22a Type-s

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Sup guys,

I'm probs gettin my engine conversion done in the next couple of months but am still trying to gather as much info bout it as I can before I actually do it! I have a 92 Accord LX and am, at this point in time, going to do the h22a conversion from a 97 Prelude VTI-R (Thats what they're called here in Australia).

However, I discovered recently that there is a type-s motor (I didn't know bout this before), offering about a 20bhp difference. Is the engine more difficult to fit into the Accord? I read an article bout a guy who fitted it into his Integra and had to get a custom drive shafts fabricated to actually make the type-s engine match up properly and withstand the additional power. Will it be that bigger hassle for me or do you guys think the type-s is worth the extra trouble (and money).

Thanks guys

- B|ade


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it all depends on your plans for your car, they both fit the same, they are essentially the same exact engine with different rods, pistons, cams and a little bit of head work. you have to tell me what you plan on doing with this car in the long run for me to be able to accurately give you my opinion.


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it all depends on your plans for your car, they both fit the same


The fit, and the process to put the engine in, should be exactly the same. Putting the engine in, that's the easy part. I would concentrate your search for wiring issues. Either buy a complete harness(engine, all the way to the ecu) or modify your accord harness. Your harness will connect to your ecu of choice. Have fun.


THAT conversion isn't as difficult as it sounds, I just crammed a Euro R(OBDII) in my 95 Accord. If you do it, make sure you get an OBDI distributor and may as well buy like a P30 or P72 and put a Hondata in it to save wiring headaches.


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What I'm planning to do the h22a down the line is turbo'ing it.

Atm, I am weighin up two different options

I could spend abit of money when I get the conversion done and get a simple bolt-on turbo running about 7psi or something (Which, apparently, doesn't require any reinforcement to the engine, forged pistons, etc.)

Or I could wait abit longer, save up abit more money and get an absolutely massive turbo, including intercooler, bov, etc. running about 18psi or something (Including getting my engine strengthened and that kind of thing).

I'm trying to work out which route I wanna go.

What I'm thinking of doing is just gettin the conversion and then waiting awhile and then I'll get the awesome turbo setup!

What do you think man? Would the Type-S be better for that kind of thing? I also dunno how easy they are to get here in Australia and how much more getting the actual front cut will cost me.

Thanks for your help man.


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If you know you are going to turbo the engine, an H23 might be a better choice. They're a little cheaper, less wires to run, and they have lower compression than the H22A to start. I don't know a whole lot about turbos, but I believe you would also want the longer geared tranny.


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it would be pointless to get the type s if you plan on going turbo, and you could be a pimp daddy like me and run the h22a with the h23a tranny since you plan on going boost :)


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HEY blackJDm......i have a h22a as well...but i bought mine with my car...lol...and i have 2500$...and in the next 3 weeks i will have over 3000, and im planning on turboing. How much better would a H23 tranny do mated witha h22 tranny, and what is the cost of this? the longer geared ratio would be better i suppose....thank ahead of the time!!! :worthy:


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I also have the H23 tranny on my H22 and I think I speak for both BlackJDMDeath and I when I say, its one of the best things I've done. Before the Engine and tranny swap I ran a 14.9 and had to shift into 4th about 3/4ths of the way down the track. NowI think its faster because of wheremy rpms end up after every shift and I think probably one less shift. This is based on a street race with the new setup. I am taking it down to Sac Raceway the 23rd of this month to test it and I'll let you know. When it comes to turboing, one of the worst things you can do is run the H22 tranny, for the simple fact, 2nd and 3rd gears would be so fast that you would just hurt your time by waisting it shifting. I would recomend getting at least th H23 tranny for the taller gear ratios.


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the type s engine is in the late model ludes only made in japan. sick ass engine but the cost is crazy still 4,500 to 5 grand still.


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