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Anyone else playing this game? It's a cross between SRS and NFSU2. I enjoy it a bit. There isn't much tuning that is detailed, but it's fairly fun.
It's all courses and not open street crap. Plus there's damage that you pay for and you can recruit a racing team too.
If anyone wants to race online, add my gamertag to your list and hit me up: N8K



I am still playing Forza :( kid's always up, so game time is low. I saw this, and thought about giving it a spin, but I can't play online yet till the new codes for the latest Xbox version modchips come out.
i got juiced was a little disapointed with the engine moding but he driveing is fun... hate some of the RWD cars though they spin out way to damn easy.
i can't stand that ricer ricer commercail they have for juiced. That actor is so gay. Even the title SCREAMS rice. and the actor screams fag :ghey:


Originally posted by Citizen_Insane@Jul 12 2005, 08:29 PM
I played Juiced for PC and it is perhapse the worst game I've ever played. Worst engine, worst gameplay, worst controls.
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Haha, I tried it out at the store here, and I have to agree, it is bad.
i played Juiced for about 3 days and got bored from trying to train me teammates, etc(i dont play online).

after playing Forza more, im starting to like it better than GT4. my favorite car on there right now is the 22B STi with stock turbine :D