Just Ordered!

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well i just ordered my black housing 1 piece headlights from brian wong and im soooooo excited that i just had to say something on here! they are going to be so sexy :p i can't wait to get pictures of them installed!
good shit, congrats, post the pics ASAP.

btw: i love your avatar!!! rofl, i always wanted to say that shit, haha peace!
well here are the pics of them at the brians place-



these are what im using to tie me over until they get here and i can hump them repeatedly!
Sexy.. glad you got them! :blink: Brian is an awesome guy with awesome parts :thumbsup: :D
be sure to use protection .... you dont know where theyve been ;)

cant wait to see them installed

*edit* - yay me!!!! 2000 posts :D
did you make your own harness' or are you going to mod the bulb?

What are you going to use for the inside lights? I have mine coming on with the jdm fogs/parking lights and off when the low beams are turned on.

hit me up on aim if you have any questions...
well from my understanding i have to use an h4 bulb right? i hope so lol a couple friends of mine have a shop and i told them to pick me up some h4 plugs. im not sure what i have to do to rewire everything, if you could, message me and fill me in?
h4 bulbs are correct. hit me up on aim chrgds1

i have a wiring diagram for the harness that you'll need to make.
Originally posted by Domeskilla@Mar 18 2003, 07:10 PM
Sexy.. glad you got them! :blink: Brian is an awesome guy with awesome parts :thumbsup: :D

I'll second that--plus I just wanna piss off all the people with the crappy Si clusters--VTECH 0wnz j00! :lol: