Just Saw The Matrix 2

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if ur goin to see it, make sure u stay after hte credits, cuz theres a trailer for the third one...i didn;t find out till after i saw the movie...
i thought the first hour belonged in a Blade movie. I mean wtf was with the huge rave scene filler. It also became star wars 2003 instead of the matrix. The first was original the second lacked that originality.

The fight scenes and freeway were sweet, but wtf happened to tank?! I had heard he wasnt in the second long ago dude to breakdown in contract negotiation but expected some sort of info as to what happened to him.
Originally posted by vpSPOONsol@May 19 2003, 10:35 AM
if ur goin to see it, make sure u stay after hte credits, cuz theres a trailer for the third one...i didn;t find out till after i saw the movie...

And neither did i which kind of made me mad, cuz now i must watch it again.
I'm sure if you go to thematrix.com you'll find the previews avaliable for d/l
I just got back from the theater. Me and my friend Brandon just went and saw it and..................... :worthy: WOW! Thats really all that can be said. The one thing that I noticed that stood out a lot in the movie was that every single car on the freeway scene was a GM. Im serious, when you see it, look for any imports at all, its like all Caddilacs and Pontiacs and I think I saw one Ford Focus. The only imports in the whole movie are an Audi and a Ducatti motorcycle. But back to the matter at hand if you haven't seen it yet, get off the computer and go GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Thank You.
i loved it. i saw it on wednesday at 12midnight. the "huge filler" scene where ppl were "raving" ... paying attention? they were supposed to rock the walls as morpheus said in his speech to show the sentinels they weren't afraid. and it was a montage editing sequence between that and the neo/trinity sex scene. i just finished taking a film course at my college and believe that this movie is awesome... not to say i'm a professional critic, but i'm just putting in my, more valuable, two cents (haha don't take it so seriously). the writer(s) are ingenious. usually the ppl who don't like the story, don't understand it. and what movie theatre audience didn't go "OH!" at the end? the movie did exactly what it was supposed to do among the trilogy... connect it between the original, which was the beginning of the whole story, and revolution, which is the end of the trilogy. the end MAKES you go see the end.
it was good, but the first hour had me checking my watch. But then BOOM someone hit the light switch and I was entertained. The ending sucked, but I already knew it was a cliff hanger...

7 out of 10
there isn't really much "filler" in the matrix. There is so much symbolism from philosophy that you can't even really begin to understand it all.