K swap with hondata

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$5K for EVERYTHING INCLUDING KPRO. For sale is a 2006 Acura RSX Type S SWAP. This swap was in my 1995 Honda Civic. It comes with the following: K20Z1 engine and transmission, Avid racing swap mounts, Karcepts clutch line conversion, Hybrid racing short shifter (brand new in the box) and upgraded shift cables, AEM cold air intake, R-crew 4 into 1 header, Hondata K-pro ECU from a 2002-2004 RSX Type S, upgraded (swap ready) fuel system with return, adjustable fuel pressure regulator with gauge, Type R LSD, (brand new in the box) Exedy clutch, streetlite flywheel, Hybrid racing swap axles, 2002-2004 wire harness with charge harness converted to fit a 1995 Civic, 2004 Civic SI power steering eliminator, 2002-2005 Civic SI radiator with electric fans which will bolt directly into an Acura Integra, fan switch housing with temperature adapter (needed for swap vehicles) and all the bolts, etc. that you may need. YOU WILL NEED a conversion harness to communicate this motor swap to your vehicle. Hybrid racing and others sell such an item for about $300. I had one of the original harnesses and it was routed under my dash. It was not worth my time to remove it. The new style is easy, plug and play. If you want AC in your vehicle you will need to purchase the AC conversion lines as well, but I am selling this unit with the compressor. I purchased this motor/trans with about 4K miles on it. I has about 40K miles on it now. I did have this swap in my 1995 Civic, but was converting things to an Integra chassis when financial obligations have struck, so I need to sell it. The transmission is a 2006 Type S, but I swapped in a Type R LSD and converted the clutch housing to a 2002-2004 housing for the speedometer pickup. For those of you in the know, the speedometer on the 2002-2004 RSX is on the differential and on the 2005-2006 it is on the 3rd gear counter shaft. I also purchased a 2002-2004 engine wire harness to use the speedometer pickup. The shifter is the direct bolt in unit from Hybrid Racing....runs about $350. I have the Karcepts unit with a Buddy Club short shifter, but did not want to cut a hold in my Integra, that's why you have a brand new unit in the box. If you prefer to have the Karcepts unit, please let me know upon purchase, but the Hybrid Racing unit is better. I've spent $8500-9000 on this swap. You can buy just a motor and transmission for $4-5K and then buy the stuff that goes with it, or you can buy mine and have all you need. This item is being sold locally and the item may be removed at any time. I also have a recent video of the engine running. If you would like to hear it, we will communicate via email. I am happy to have this item picked up, but if shipping is needed then it can be discussed. I will not pay for shipping, it depends on what you want and how fast you want it. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me. I am very busy and will do my best to respond.


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