l337 7yp3 |5 d4|\|g3r0u5

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OMG...it has nothing to do with being "undercover"... well at least for me it isn't...I just use it so i don't have to type out the whole damn words.
I think that is the only place where anyone over 13 years old uses it...

My other favorite is to trasliterate a language that doesn't normally use English characters (especailly if there isn't a standard transliteration), then run it through l33tify.
\/\/()\/\/! 7|-|3 L4|\|g|_|4g3 |-|45 4|35()l|_|7l3y |\|()7|-|||\|g 7() |)() \/\/|7|-| \/\/3|2|)5 L||<3 "l()l" ()|2 "57f|_|"
Oh for the love of...

My news report: "Shorthand: Terror at the office?"

Fear. Fear. Fear.
get it right...its ph34r ph34r ph34r

Sorry... I was on "that side" which supposedly used this l337 5p34k... and nope, never used it. It's just a bunch of script kiddies that took things like afk, brb, lol, bbiab, ttyl and other simple acroynms too far. It serves no purpose and anyone with half a brain can "decode" it just by looking.
but there is a difference between |337 and Shorthand...i dont consider lol, brb, stfu, ttyl, ftw, diaf, etc. to be |337
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