lets talk EMS

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learning in progress
okay so i have my pr3 obd0 socketed ecu, turbo edit,; and a place to get a tune...i also have a laptop that i plan on taking with me to the dyno or to the track..

i think that the only other thing that i need would be the http://www.moates.net ostrich and a WB sensor

what else do i need to be able to datalog and make changes "on the fly"?

i have been reading on all the forums and i have a basic understanding....but i'm a noob there(HMT,Pgfi.org) so i ask here

any info or intel is greatly appriciated


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you need an emulator to make on the fly changes. it basically plugs into the EEPROM socket and the other end into the EEPROM writer. then you just download the program from computer to the ECU via the emulator.. it stores the program in it as long as it is connected and powered on, then you need to write the program to a EEPROM/EPROM and put it in the car once you have the final tune.


learning in progress
i though the ostrich did all of that???


i bought my ecu pre chipped on the web...so do i need to wire/solder in anything else to the board??? in order to use the EMS(TE,ostrich)

i dont want to burn chips...i just want somethingto store a bin and tune onboard via laptop realtime with TE


the ostrich is an emulator.

turbo edit doesn't have data logging if im not mistaken...


cool- does it require that seperate ecu pin though? it uses liek a motorola 4-pin cable or some shit... i remember projectxspeed posted one for sale a while back...


learning in progress
thats what i need to know...i want to buy the ostrich and everything else i need for what i want


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check out the turboedit support thread over on HMT

all you questions have been answered there


learning in progress
been there done that....
i might of missed it ...but i found no thread that talks about what i need to do to the ECU in order for the ostrich to work...

i have read all about the ostrich and what it does.....i just want to install it right, i'll get it tuned by Darin @ titan....he said he would show me what he does...